User Manual for Agency Recruitment Web Portal

Agency Recruitment portal for Rural & Urban Career Agents is available in website of LICofIndia,

i.e. ===> click on option Agency Recruitment Portal.

This page of portal contains six options which are related to Registration for Sponsored Agency by CLIA or Development Officer.

Basic Purpose of this portal is to do online APPLICATION FOR RURAL / URBAN CAREER AGENCY for Registering the Application,

At a glance summary of options available in this Agency Portal are listed in following table.

Also option wise screen shots with option details are provided below for your ready reference.

Option number

Name of Option

Use of Option


Registration for Sponsor Agent

  • Used for registration of Sponsor Agent of two types CLIA Agent or Agent recruited by Development Officer.


Select Sponsor Agent type

  • Used to select Sponsor Agent type i.e. CLIA or Development Officer.


CLIA Sponsor Agent Registration Form

  • Used for registration of Sponsor Agent by CLIA Agent.


Development Officer Sponsor Agent Registration Form.

  • Used for registration of Sponsor Agent recruited by Development Officer.


Change Password

  • Used for to change password of candidate.


Upload All Documents

  • Used for to uplaod all documents related to registration of Agency.


Print Form

  • Used for to print the Application form of a candidate.


Download PDF Application

  • Used for to download pdf form of a candidate.


Consent of DO /CLIA

  • Used for consent of Development officer or CLIA Agent, where Agent is sponsored by them.


  1. Registration For Sponsor Agent

    1. Select Sponsor Agent type

On clicking on Registration of Sponsor Agent Menu following screen will appear. Here click on Sponsor Agent.